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The Blackhawks crime looked lively in scoring 15 goals their first two matches of this year.

Due to the explosive potential, trainer Joel Quenneville had not tinkered with his traces over the initial ten games.

But that soon may change.

Following the Golden Knights skated across the slow Hawks in coping them a 4-2 loss Tuesday, Quenneville suggested moves might be on the road to get a group which has outshot its opponents only once in its last nine matches.

“That is definitely something we could look at … understanding that we are constantly shifting over the course of a year,” Quenneville said.

However, overall, Tuesday exemplified what’s ailed the Hawks recently. Toews said the group hasn’t managed to create enough offensive zone moment. This has resulted in the Hawks being third worst in shots against — that they let 35.6 per match.

“Our sticks are not in the proper locations. We are letting teams break us out a bit too readily,” Toews said. “It just seems like we get just one opportunity, we’ve got the puck for a single play and then we flip it over and it is back in our own zone. When you are giving up too many stalks and giving up as much (defensive)-zone moment as we all are, we wind up accepting penalties and get ourselves behind.”

Consequently, Toews stated, the Hawks are not producing their opponents work hard enough on defense, and the Hawks are needing to play from behind and shield a lot in their own zone.

“We did a fantastic job from the gate of merely assessing frustrating and well different groups and creating crime off that,” Toews said. “It looks like we are only hoping to over-create and we wind up making a lot of errors.”

On Tuesday that the Hawks failed to make the most of Oscar Dansk, a goaltender which makes his very first NHL begin. From the time they place a strain on him, the Knights had the match in hand.

“We have got to deal with the puck much better,” Quenneville said. “Teams which hang on to the puck against us capture more zone moment and … get momentum and shots in the sport. We must be more challenging from the puck area.”

When Quenneville sets out to create modifications, no point is secure. They’ve been the most constant and every has played with a goal during the past two games. But then, it might be a mess.

“Finally we enter situations in which we are the compelling crime and we wind up making errors,” Toews said.

Today Quenneville may create some alterations to stop them.

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