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Great morning Chicago Blackhawks Lovers!

The Chicago Blackhawks do not play again until Friday night when the Nashville Predators arrive in city for the 2nd period in October. Funny thing about the Predators is that they were called by ESPN as the best franchise in the NHL.
There are a whole lot of things I’d say concerning the Nashville Predators, however since the very best franchise in the NHL isn’t among these.

For starters the Nashville Predators haven’t won the Stanley Cup, therefore by crying out scoreboard it must automatically remove them as the best franchise in the NHL.

They left their first Stanley Cup Final last season, and do not get me wrong, the town actually rallied around the Predators. Living 2 and half an hour from Nashville at Knoxville, it was pretty cool watching all of the Predators t-shirts out and jerseys and about in the town, and folks walking around together on where I work in my day job.

The Predators have done a fantastic job promoting neighborhood baseball with their Practice centre something which the Blackhawks will soon have following month if their centers open up.

This is not a proven fact but among the reasons why the World Wide Leader in Sports known as the Predators that the very best franchise is since they could only make yet another dig in the Blackhawks. You could say that the Red Wings or even Penguins would be the top franchises in the NHL apart from the Blackhawks, however, the upstart Predators do excellent work to develop baseball in Middle Tennessee nevertheless aren’t the very best franchise in the NHL.

What do you believe about this apart from chatter in an off day from the NHL? In the meantime here are a few morning links to begin your own Thursday morning.

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