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The Blackhawks greeted Eddie Olczyk warmly when he recently visited the team’s dressing room.

Some players hung out longer compared others to share many of Olczyk’s stories and talk about him currently battling against colon cancer.

One of the players was Duncan Keith. He is someone who really has an appreciation for hockey history as well as the players who came before his time.

After I saw Keith with Olczyk, I wondered about the relationships he has had with Blackhawks alumni over the 12 NHL seasons he has been with the organization. Also I was wondering whether or not he had known the late Pierre Pilote, who is recently deceased, and considered to be the all time greatest defensemen of the Blackhawks.

Scott Powers: Were you acquainted at all with Pierre Pilote?

Duncan Keith: Somewhat. I mostly became acquainted with him through the conventions. He seemed like a really nice guy. When he died, I saw it in the news. I was in shock. I saw him at the convention the summer before. He seemed like he was doing really good. It is very sad to hear. It is sad to hear how things can turn so quickly.

SP: So was he someone who paved the way for defensemen such as yourself?

Keith: Absolutely. As one of the league’s smaller-sized guy and defenseman, I have always looked at the defensemen who weren’t real big guys and were still able to make it. I know about the different generations and he was one of his generation’s stars. He and Bobby Orr and other good defensemen are guys that I looked up to. I really did look to him very much. I was very sad to hear.

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