Hit a Home Run to Massive Winnings

23 Nov by Yorda Isaias

Hit a Home Run to Massive Winnings

The Baseball World Series was started in 1903, as a competition between the champion baseball team of the American League and the champion team of the National League. The present-day winner of the World Series is decided through a best of seven playoffs, and the winner is then awarded the Commissioner’s Trophy. This is sometimes referred to as the Fall Classic, as the Baseball World Series is played during October each year, which is the autumn season in North America.

Online Sports Betting

There are many people who enjoy betting on the outcome of each of the baseball games that are played in the Baseball World Series, as well as those played in the regular baseball season on America. Online betting is so convenient these days, and there are so many betting sites that you can choose from, that it requires a little extra time spent on selecting one. The reputable betting sites all offer a range of bets to choose from, a range of odds, and all will give you safe and secure banking options. Baseball World Series online betting is never a sure thing, so it is wise for every potential punter to find out as much as possible about the game, about all the participants, and the current form of the players.

Before 1969, the baseball team with the best record of wins in each league was automatically entered in the Baseball World Series, but since that time each league has introduced its own championship series. These take place before the World Series, and will determine which teams will advance. The Baseball World Series has been contested 112 times, with the American League winning most of the finals, and more than the National League.

Which Teams Play in the Series

The entrance to the Baseball World Series is determined by the three divisional winners at the end of the regular season. These teams are ranked 1, 2 and 3, and together with a wild card team from each league, go forward to the playoffs. There are two series of knockout baseball played by the four teams in each of the leagues, in order to decide on who is the Winner of the Pennant. Each of the winners in each league is awarded a pennant that they fly over their stadium at the first home game of the following season. The two league champions then meet in the Baseball World Series.

The home field advantage for the Baseball World Series is currently determined by the league who wins the All Star Game. Before 2003 the home field for the World Series alternated year by year between the National League and the American League, but since then the result of the All Star Game decides which league will enjoy the home field advantage. This rule is subject to debate, as various officials and fans feel that home field advantage should be decided on the regular season records of each league, not on an exhibition match played months earlier.

The Winner of the 2016 World Series

The 2016 Baseball World Series was played in Cleveland between the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs. Seven games were played, and after game seven, the Chicago Cubs were declared the winner, the final score being 8-7. The game had to go into an extra innings, after a 6-6 tie. This was the third Baseball World Series won by the Cubs. No team has won two consecutive Baseball World Series competitions since 2000, the longest period in the history of the Series.