Reely Roulette Online Slots by Leander

11 Jun by Yorda Isaias

Reely Roulette Online Slots by Leander

Reely Roulette is part of a slots series by Leander game developers which provides players with a combination of traditional slots fun with another type of casino game, online roulette, and it joins other slots in this series which bring games like bingo and poker into the slots arena.

While the game’s unique layout may not make it immediately obvious, this game is a five-reel slots game, and the symbols it makes use of are those that represent the numbers generally found on a roulette wheel. Players win as they would were they playing any other type of slots machine game, by managing to land identical symbols consecutively from the left-hand side of the screen to the right along a payline, and the roulette-based action comes into play in terms of the side-bet option provided, and the game’s bonus round.

Layout and Design for Reely Roulette Slot

As might be expected, Reely Roulette’s reels are set against the background of a typical game of traditional roulette, with the reels themselves placed in a wooden frame which has then been placed on the green felt generally used for the roulette table.

There is a soothing audio track which accompanies play, and players will not find themselves distracted or overwhelmed by it, and this is joined by the sounds of the reels spinning as the game’s action unfolds.

Setup and Play for Reel Roulette Slots

There are 30 paylines across this five-reel online slots game, and the amount of these in play is changeable. Players should bear in mind, however, that if they wish to take advantage of the side-bet option Leander provides for Reely Roulette, all 30 lines will need to be active.

The side-bet option has a mini-roulette betting layout appear on the right-hand side of the Reely Roulette slots, and players will be able to lay wagers on the traditional roulette options like red or black; odds or evens; first six; second six; and, of course, the individual numbers that appear on the roulette wheel. The number which appears in the centre of the fifth reel will be the winning one, and, after the player lays a side bet, this exact wager will remain in place for each of subsequent spins of the reels until the player chooses to change it.

Symbols for Reely Roulette Slots by Leander

The wild symbol for Reely Roulette is that of a roulette wheel, and this is able to stand in for any of the other numbers available for this slots machine game. It is also the symbol that holds the key to the highest payout, and will be able to award the player landing five of these in a row with 10 000. The number 1 is the highest paying symbol in the base game, awarding 700 should five appear, and players are easily able to instantly calculate their rewards by bearing in mind that the higher the number the lower the payout, with five 12s appearing along a player’s row at the other end of the payout scale, awarding 100.