Play Worms Online Slots with Our Explanatory Guide

23 Dec by Nicholas

Play Worms Online Slots with Our Explanatory Guide

Themed around a game of the same name made popular in the 1990’s, Worms is an exciting online slot that is both similar in appearance and in sound to the original video game.

Worms features 5 reels and 50 paylines, as well as the chance to activate bonus rounds that add extra winning potential to every spin.

Worms Basics

Using the plus (+) and (-) minus buttons, you can choose the amount you wish to stake. Having chosen the amount, you can then click the Paytable option to see what you can potentially win with regard to reel combinations and bonuses like rewards in internet keno.

Pressing Spin starts the game, making the reels spin until stopping at a random time. Once the reels have stopped, you may get a Worms-themed combination of matching symbols in a line, with 2 or more matching symbols meaning that you’ve won. Winnings will be highlight and credited to your account. There is also an Autoplay button, which will restart the reels automatically after each spin.

Scatter Symbol

There is a chance that a crate scatter symbol may appear during the spin, and landing three of these bonus symbols on reels 2, 3 or 4 will award the Worm bonus. After which, revealing the type of bonus it is will allow you to take part in the bonus rounds, all of which are based on Worms. These bonus rounds include Space Trails, Crate Escape, and Bonus Battle. Scatter bonus wins are added to your real winnings, and the scatter bonuses can be done multiple times on one game.

Space Trails Bonus

This bonus feature can be started once the Space Worm is revealed during the Worm bonus. Once started, there will be trails of asteroids leading to one large asteroid, with this one containing the biggest win. On the right you will be given crates, which will allow you to move forward along the asteroid trails. In these crates will also be teleports, which will jump you to random places in the trails, and/or landmines or dynamite that will end the mini-game.

Crate Escape Bonus

If you reveal a Scottish worm, you can start the Crate Escape Bonus. You start with a Scottish worm with a set amount of health, and along each side will be a number of crates. Opening these crates will reveal a cash bonus, a health increase, or a weapon. The cash bonuses will be added together until the worm’s health is finished, and will be added to your account. Weapons will decrease the worm’s health, and the medipacks will increase his health. Once his health hits zero, the bonus will end.

Free Spins Battle Bonus

Upon revealing the Drill Sergeant Worm, the Free Spins Battle Bonus begins. Like the Crate Escape Bonus, you will have a worm with a set amount of health. You will receive free spins, and with each spin there’s a chance a Battle Icon may appear in the centre reel. The Medic Worm gives health to your worm, the Pirate Worm damages your health, and the Drill Sergeant worm gives you a bonus win. The Battle Bonus ends when your worm’s health runs out.