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17 Jul by Yorda Isaias

Top 10 Horse Racing Events in New Zealand

Top 10 Horse Racing Events New Zealand Has To Offer

Horse racing is as much a part of New Zealand’s customs and traditions as are the Hongi and the traditional family barbecue.  The first horses to be brought to New Zealand were probably a gift from the Governor Macquarie from New South Whales, to the Maoris.  These horses went on to become pivotal in the establishment of thorough breeding in the country.
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An Insight Into Mobile Betting

Kiwis in quest of mobile bet conveniences will be excited by mobile bet platforms, which have rapidly carved their place into ultimate betting devices through revolutionary Internet capability and Smart mobile technology. The vast assortment of mobile bet platforms with mobile bet technology infused into nearly all modern establishments, allows punters from New Zealand effortless […]
31 Jan by Yorda Isaias

A Guide to Horse Bets Specifically in New Zealand

One of the world’s long-time favourite pastime that has now filtered down to the land of the Kiwi’s, New Zealand, horse racing and placing horse bets draw in an exceptionally large number of risk-takers, thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies to one spectacular event. Many punters in New Zealand have turned to horse bets as a hobby […]
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Getting Returns From Betting Partners

Online punters are really spoilt for choice, with a wide range of world-class sportsbooks to bet at. Having so many options is great, but it can also turn deciding where to put your money down into quite an overwhelming task. The best thing to do is research your options by finding some online review sites that you trust, and then checking out the bookmakers that they recommend. As you do this, there are a few key questions to ask yourself. These should help you find the best online betting sites to suit you.